Festival information

Genius Loci is a semi remote wilderness camping experience on the beach in Baja Mexico. The name of the location is Punta Cabras.  It is just north of the town of Erendira. It is about 2.5 hours south of the US/Mexican border.  Here is a link to the location in Punta Cabras.  Indigenous people have been coming to the Punta Cabras region for over 10,000 years to fish and collect shellfish. We are beyond lucky to be using this land and it is mandatory that everyone respects the land and local people, so LEAVE NO TRACE! 

This is a campout/ mini festival. It is not a rave. It's a collection of beautiful people that want to have an amazing experience/adventure in Baja.

This is camping, so expect camping conditions. We are bringing in generators and porta potties but be prepared for camping. We will have 24/7 security via the local Police but there is no infrastructure.

If you are stopped by authorities or police, do not say you are going to Genius Loci.   Say you are camping! We don't want to draw attention to ourselves. 


  • Do not drive at night in Mexico
  • NO motorcycles
  • NO dogs
  • NO fireworks
  • NO drugs
  • NO jetskis
  • NO renegade sound


1. You are responsible for yourself. We love you, but please do not do anything stupid. If you think you are about to do something stupid, please stop. If you see someone else about to do something stupid, please stop them. Love your brother, love your sister, don't let them act stupid. Stupid in Mexico ends poorly. Don’t act stupid. Be polite, conscious, awake, and have fun. Don’t act stupid.

2. Do not drive at night in Mexico. You! Seriously! You have a purpose to fulfill in this world! You are a piece of the peace! Driving at night in Mexico is exponentially more dangerous...don’t drive at night.

3. Drugs are illegal in Mexico. Your car will get searched on the way down. They probably will not search your person, but your car will certainly get searched. Marijuana, weed, pot, grass, reefer brah, whatever you call it, is illegal in Mexico! You will go to jail for possession! Drugs are looked at a lot differently in Mexico than in California. Drugs in Mexico is not awake, is simply being unconscious! Let's choose consciously! Easy! Do not bring drugs to Mexico. Do not buy drugs in Mexico. Drugs are bad kids, Umkay? Hugs not drugs.

4. There will not be a lifeguard at Genius Loci. Do not go in the ocean by yourself or at night. If you cannot swim, do not go in the ocean. If you do not swim well, do not go into the ocean. Doing so would be stupid, we already asked you really nicely to not act stupid :) Easy!

5. Guns are illegal in Mexico. If you were thinking about bringing a gun, a weapon, or anything slightly related to a weapon, you are certainly at the wrong campout. We are one non-violent, peaceful family. Do not bring instruments to harm others. Weapons in Mexico in is simply being unconscious! Hopefully, you are beginning to see a pattern here! Let's be conscious, awake, and have fun.

6. There are cliffs around the campsite. We will do our best to mark the cliffs, but please watch where you are going and always have a flashlight on you at all times. Headlamps are ideal and hands-free.

7. You can cross the border with a passport, or a driver's license and birth certificate.

8. Cell phones do not work at the location....did we mention that you are responsible for yourself? Do not act stupid.

9. The last gas station before Punta Cabras is located in the town of Santo Tomas about 30 miles before Punta Cabras on the main highway.

10. Bring cash, we cannot take credit cards at the location. The last ATM is located in the Supermarket in Maneadero, but we recommend getting cash in San Diego or Ensenada. Also, please don't act stupid.



  • First aid kit

  • Tent/air mattress/light sleeping bag/sleeping pad

  • RVs are allowed

  • generators

  • Flashlight and/or electric lantern (with charger - using your car)

  • Headlamps

  • Canned food to eat/donate to locals

  • Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

  • Toilet Paper

  • Biodegradable Soap and Shampoo

  • Yoga mats

  • Several 5-gallon jugs of water for drinking + hand showers

  • Towels + washcloths + biodegradable soap + biodegradable shampoo (Please use only this kind of soaps and shampoos as this is all going back to mother earth)

  • Shower Tents + Showerbags and faucet water so you can take a shower.

  • Warm Clothes and bathing suits

  • A Large cooler

  • Ice, you will be able to periodically buy ice there as well

  • Grill + charcoal + lighter fluid + propane burner + cooking utensils

  • Metal cups, metal plates, forks and knives

  • Simple food: such as veggies and hummus, tortillas, guacamole, salsa, chips, coffee, eggs, cereal, milk, and stuff to make sandwiches

  • Sunscreen, (keep reapplying)

  • Aloe

  • A shade structure

  • Bug spray

  • Lots of trash bags = this is a leave no trace campout, pack it in pack it out

  • Surfboards, wetsuits, boogie boards

  • Mask, fins, and snorkel

  • Your prescription medication

  • Sunglasses

  • Chairs to sit in

  • Beach games

  • Guitars, drums, instruments

  • Firewood and duraflame logs.

  • Shoes that you would wear at Burning Man

  • Earplugs

  • A shade structure

  • volleyballs and footballs if you are into it

  • A tarp

  • Beer/Liquor

  • Feminine Products

  • Unwanted/ unused clothes in good shape to donate to the local charities



  • Drugs (This includes weed)

  • Motorcycles or jetskis

  • Renegade Sound

  • Guns or weapons of any kind

  • Glass containers

  • Explosives or fireworks

  • Pets

  • Bad vibes

  • Fussy people


Please bring enough drinking water and food for yourself for the weekend.

There will periodically be local vendors on site selling food.

All this being said, it would be wise to bring enough food and water for yourself for three days. You are responsible for yourself. We will be selling beer :)


Q: What does the ticket include?

A: Yoga classes, music, surfing, land permits, security, domes, sound system, organizational fees etc.

Q: Do cell phones work there?

A: Nope sorry facebook master, it will have to wait until Monday ;)

Q: Will there be a bar?

A: We will be selling delicious cold beer and liquor.

Q: Can we bring our RV?

A: RV space is very limitied

Q: Is there a hotel nearby?

A: Yep, it's called Coyote Cal's, here is the link: http://www.coyotecals.com/index.php

Q: Will my car make it there?

A: We don't know your car, but any car that can drive to San Francisco from LA can make it to Genius Loci.

Q: Why are we doing this?

A: Because we want to have an adventure on the beach where we can hang with the homies :)

Q: When does it start/ end?

A: Noon on Thursday to Monday morning

Q: What is the weather going to be like?

A: It's going to be very similar to LA or SD, hot during the day, cool at night, bring warm stuff!

Q: What can I tie my shade structure to?

A: There are no trees, so you would have to tie it to your car or bring some stakes.