The GPS coordinates for PUNTA CABRAS, Baja California are:
31°19'53.6"N 116°27'15.6"W
however, it is very likely that a gps will guide you through a very rough road.

make sure to follow our directions which take you on the highway past santo tomas and through ejido erendira (see picture below)

Do not drive at night in Mexico.
Drive slower and more defensively than normal!

call 060 or 911 in case of emergency (there's now a mexican 911)
Baja tourist info can be reached 24 hours via 078. 
another number they can be reached at is 01 800 0068 839
and from USA at: 1 866 640 0597

Here is the link for the carpool and caravan: 

Here is a link to the google maps:

The best place for Mexico insurance:

Print this letter from the tourism board to keep in your car: 

getting there 

As soon as you cross into Mexico, via San Ysidro, the road will be under construction. Stay on the left lane, go up the ramp and then take the first right turn towards Playas de Rosarito/Ensenada Cuota.

For more info see attached Map and visit this website

The main highway in Mexico is a toll road. It costs about $6 to go from Tijuana to Ensenada. They take pesos and American dollars.

1. Take I - 5 south to the San Diego Tijuana border crossing

2. After crossing you will immediately exit right towards Playas Tijuana/ Rosarito Cuota  

3. Continue straight on the Tijuana - Ensenada Road    

4. Take the ramp to Ensenada cuota/ Mexico 1

5. Merge onto Tijuana-Ensenada Road

6. Continue onto Mexico 1D for 56 miles until you reach Ensenada - please note there is a detour at La Fonda that takes you up and into the hills around the highway, they are working on the highway there. It takes about 30 minutes to get back to the main highway.


7. Once in Enseada continue on Rosarito - Ensenada/ Carr Federal 1. This is the main Boulevard in town and it runs along the coastline. When in doubt, head south.

8. Turn left on the street called Gral. Agustin Sangines, also known by the locals as "Calle Delate”. This is where the Navy Base is located on the right side and a 7/11 gas station on the left.

9. Continue straight and turn right on the second  traffic light onto Av. Reforma / Highway 1. Drive southbound on this road for 42 miles. You will pass through a town called Maneadero. There is a supermarket on the Left side of the street called Maria Luisa. This is the last spot to get all the Tequila and Food that you might need for the weekend. Continue driving south to Santo Tomas, (this is where the last gas station is). Continue on the main road for 16 miles after Santo Tomas and then you will take a right on the road to Erendira. If you reach a town called San Vicente, you missed the turn for Erendira, turn around and head back.

10. It's 10.5 miles between the main highway and Erendira. It is a fun drive, mostly along a dry river bed. Don't go too fast and slow down as you get to town because the police station is right at the beginning of town. On google maps the road is called 13 De Diciembre

11. Drive slow through Erendira. Smile at the locals, buy something, and realize that this is old Mexico :)

12. Take the main road 1.5 miles slowly through town until it ends at the ocean. Take a right.

13. Follow the dirt road slowly for 6 miles along the ocean until you reach Punta Cabras. Drive slow.  
14. After you go uphill past what seems like an ex-pat community, bear left. You’re home


Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 4.00.25 PM.png


 On the way back we highly recommend crossing the border through TECATE (Yes that’s where the brewery is!) The easiest way to get to Tecate is taking Highway 3 which starts North of Ensenada at a town named El Sauzal. This will take you through Baja’s Wine Country or “Valle de Guadalupe”. You will end up a few miles east of San Diego but this is a faster border crossing situation than Tijuana. Just be mindful that this border is only open from 5am - 11pm.

The other option is to go through the OTAY MESA border crossing in Tijuana. Getting there is a little tricky but there are some street signs in Tijuana that read “Garita de Otay”.

+PRO TIP: Check for the CBP border wait times at San Ysidro, Otay Mesa and Tecate via de website: https://bwt.cbp.gov

There’s also a Smart Phone App available via: https://apps.cbp.gov/bwt/mobile.asp

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 3.31.13 PM.png